The Thyme clan badge features
an hourglass to depict eternity,
surrounded by sprigs of thyme,
an age-old symbol of courage.

The clan motto “Thymum
” means “Thyme
Eternal or “Thyme Without End.”

The Thyme Tartan is a traditional
highland plaid design in a
combination of purple, green, blue
and orange ... and inspired
, Justin’s ground-breaking
explanation of time!

“ He tore back the paper and withdrew
a small notebook.. It had a Thyme tartan
binding, combining all the colours Justin
loved best: the vibrant purple of freshly
blooming heather; the crisp, dark green
of the ancient, noble pines; the deepest
blues of an unfathomable loch and the
coppery orange glow of sunset ”

Try solving Panama’s Puzzle to see a secret
page of Justin’s “Tartan Theory” notebook.