After driving through the gates and up the
driveway, everyone must pass through the
archway and into the courtyard to reach
Thyme Castle’s front door.

The archway cuts between the south and
west towers. This means that the south
tower (which is entirely Justin’s) can only
be reached along the upper corridor.

The Courtyard is surrounded on three
sides by the castle walls; the fourth edge
runs along the cliff top with panoramic
views across Loch Ness. The family’s cars
are parked here in one of the converted
old stables, (the other being Sir
Willoughby’s workshop.

“ At 4:59 precisely a shiny black BMW
turned in through the castle gates. It drove
slowly along the drive, through the archway
and round the courtyard, timing its arrival
at the castle door to coincide perfectly with
the tower clock striking five. ”