Try solving Panamaís Puzzle to access Justinís
hidden element cupboard and A.E.I.O.U machine.

Justinís lab is a the top of Thyme
Castleís south tower. When
inspiration strikes, Justin is often
oblivious to everything ... Even
the deafening chimes of the old
tower clock.

ď The huge face of the old tower

clock dominated the left side of the

lab. Pale morning sunlight slanted

through its mosaic of opaline glass,

bathing the clockwork mechanism

in a dappled patchwork of light.

The whole room seemed alive.

Apart from the industrious cogs and

wheels rotating amongst the rafters,

dozens of Justinís own inventions

rattled or hummed, or belched

pungent smoke. A shimmering

tangle of wires buzzed like a

beehive, a weird holographic eyeball

hovered over a stack of blueprints,

and swarms of insect-like robots

scaled the walls or scuttled over

tool-covered work benches. Ē