Burbage is Mr Gilliechattan’s Cockatoo. He is

very talkative and frequently quotes lines from

Shakespeare that seem uncannily apt.

He is almost 70 years old, and is reputed to be

a direct descendant of a parrot belonging to

Edward Alleyne, lead actor of “The Admiral’s

Men” at “The Globe” theatre. Mr Alleyne called

his parrot Burbage too - as a jibe at Richard

Burbage, lead actor of “The Lord Chamberlain’s

Company” from “The Curtain,” (a rival theatre),

saying: “My Burbage hath a farre better memorie

for his lines!

“ ‘All the world’s a stage,’ Burbage cackled,
‘And all the men and women merely players.’
Then gripping alternately with his beak and
claws, he climbed one of the tapestry curtains,
and settled himself snugly behind the pelmet. ”