Eliza joined the Thyme family eight
summers ago after Lady Henny and
her film crew rescued her during an
expedition to the equatorial rainforest.
Poachers had killed Eliza’s mother
and, as she was too young to survive,
they brought her back to Scotland.

Henny discovered that gorillas have
a complex language made up of
sounds and gestures, so she set
about teaching Eliza to communicate
by pointing to symbols on a pictogram
board. Meanwhile, Justin designed a
computer program using the same
symbols. Once Eliza learned that
computers didn’t bounce, she
was talking in no time at all.

“ Eliza frowned at the screen, her lower lip
protruding as she read. She rattled her
fingers over the pictogram keyboard,
opening menus and highlighting vocabulary
symbols, until she finally clicked SEND,
automatically transposing the outgoing
e-mail to standard text! ”

Try solving Panama’s Puzzle
to find a secret page about
Eliza’s pictogram-computer.