Lady Henny was born in New York,
where her father was head keeper of
the Bronx Zoo Ape House, and her
mother was a simultaneous translator
at the United Nations. Little Henrietta
Higgins grew up with a skill for
languages and a love of primates. She
is now a world-famous TV celebrity
starring in her own wildlife show called

“ ‘Look, it’s that talking gorilla off the

telly,’ said a boy, tugging his mother’s


‘And that’s Lady Henny,’ gasped his father.

‘Remember what she always says: "Thyme’s
running out now – so tune in next week."’

. Henny cringed, and frowned at Polly who’d
dreamt up the catchphrase during their first
ever film-shoot. ”

Try solving Panama’s Puzzle to find a secret
page about Lady Henny’s latest TV show.