Robyn is Justin’s older sister. Having
just been expelled from St Columba’s
she can’t resist tormenting Justin’s
timid tutor to relieve her boredom.
Even reaching level thirteen of her
Favourite computer game (
Brainz 2 ... Zombies in Your Cranium
can’t cheer her up.

In her psychedelic room at the top of
the west tower, lava lamps bubble
and mirrored disco-balls twirl and
sparkle. (Mrs Gilliechattan complains
that just dusting in there gives her a
severe migraine!

“ The moment Robyn thought of her old
school, she slumped down in her chair,
allowing a curtain of glossy raven hair to
obscure her scowl and protruding lower
lip. She forced herself to focus on the
things she’d hated about it: the petty
rules, the poxy uniform, the control-freak
teachers with oral hygiene issues and
the fashion sense of hobbits. ”