Try solving Panama’s Puzzle to read about time travel
and see the secret blueprints of Justin’s time machine.

“ ‘I don’t have to build a time
machine. I could still change my mind ...’

Justin shook his head, grasping at
once the futility of his dilemma. The
first domino had already been pushed;
the fuse had been lit; the countdown
had started. He’d passed the point of
no return, and was trapped in the
adventure of a lifetime with absolutely
no way out! ”

Justin is a 13 year-old inventor
and self-made billionaire. He lives
in Thyme Castle on the banks of
Loch Ness. He dislikes his name,
never celebrates his birthday, and
can recite the entire Periodic Table
in less than 45 seconds. His
ambition is to crack the enigma of
time and, if possible, avoid being
late for breakfast!