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1st part:
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Congratulations! You have found the password page.
From here you can access 13 top secret pages ... but
first you must find the 13 passwords you will need.

Each password is an anagram of “Panama Oxridge”.
(An anagram is when the letters in a word or name
are rearranged to spell a different word or name).

All 13 anagrams can be found somewhere in the
pictures on this web site,
(the first is in this picture).
Perhaps you’ve noticed a few already. When you find
a password return to this page to use it.

Each password has two parts - usually (but not always)
a Christian name and a surname. Type the first half of
the password in the top box, and the 2nd part of the
password in the bottom box - then click

Use all lower case letters and NO capitals. For example,
type: panama oxridge ... NOT ... Panama Oxridge!

Avoid guessing. There are hundreds of anagrams of
“Panama Oxridge” - but only the ones you find at this
web site will work!

HINT: Always examine the SECRET PAGES carefully!
Each one includes a coded message, (
the hidden code
page shows how to decipher them
). Each message
hints where other anagram-passwords can be found.
You’ll also find a special “element” clue to help you
solve the next stage of Panama’s Puzzle.