* It is noteworthy that prior to
Sir Willoughby, members of the
Thyme Clan were not known for
their brains. The gene for genius
came from Lady
Isabel Trentine’s
side of the family. She was the
daughter of Professor
Basil E
, although many suspect
this was a pseudonym to conceal
his true identity. His little-known
invention, (
linen batteries), earned
him a pittance; he was shunned by
the scientific community and
eventually died a
senile an’ bitter
old man. The Trentine family crest
is the
Siberian Nettle and their clan
motto is “
Sententia Liber.”

This tapestry hangs in the
west tower’s great hall at
Thyme Castle.

The pale leaves on the left
are the Thymes; the darker
leaves on the right show
ancestors of those who have
married into the Thyme Clan.*