Also known by the scientific name Nessiteras
Rhombopteryx, Nessie was
first spotted by
St Columba in the year 560, but sightings
have been more frequent in the last forty
years or so. Scientists insist it would be
impossible for a plesiosaur to survive in the
loch’s chilly water, and that there would
need to be a whole family of them to have
descended from prehistoric times, but
perhaps there is another explanation!

“ As he bent to retrieve the binoculars,

Justin noticed a distant movement on the

surface of the loch. It was driftwood of

course; probably a log – a log with a hump.

He raised the binoculars and adjusted the

focus, mentally measuring the distance

between himself and the humped log while

calculating its approximate size. Seconds

later he found himself trying to estimate its

speed – and he had to admit it was going

pretty fast for a log. ”