Hank and Polly are Lady Henny’s film crew. Polly does the
sound recording and Henny’s makeup, whilst Hank does the
filming and drives them on location in his old Jeep.

They’ve been friends since meeting at primary school 21
years ago, when Polly tied their teacher’s shoelaces together
and released a dozen white mice in the classroom; Hank got
the blame!

Both have worked with Lady Henny since the first episode
Thyme-Zone - and were filming the day she rescued Eliza
the gorilla. Eliza adores them both, and frequently assists
with their never-ending practical jokes ... much to Henny’s

“ Justin glanced through the window behind Hank,
and grinned. Polly appeared to be taping what
looked like a large rasher of bacon to the bottom
of Hank’s suitcase - a treat, no doubt, for the airport
security sniffer-dogs! ”