Panama Oxridge is an enigma. Although born in 1960, if
you go by birthdays Panama has scarcely turned twelve,
(which, if you think about it carefully, makes it possible to
calculate his or her exact date of birth!)

Unusually, this paradoxical author’s gender is shrouded in
mystery. Literary critics suggest the name is intentionally
confusing – some saying it conjures images of an old
Oxbridge professor wearing a battered panama hat, while
others claim Panama is a young female author deliberately
disguising her femininity. All that can be stated with any
certainty is that Panama Oxridge is either one or the other
– the odds being roughly fifty-fifty.

During research for “Justin Thyme”, the author accidentally
stumbled across the secret of time travel and, ever since,
has been forced to adopt a pseudonym. Some believe that
Panama Oxridge is an anagram of the author’s real name.
However, others feel this is far too obvious – and that
someone determined to remain incognito would try to
conceal their identity a little more thoroughly.

Examining the "Tartan of Thyme" series closely, many have
deduced that Panama has had a scientific education, lives
in Scotland, likes listening to Gilbert & Sullivan operettas,
reading Shakespeare, & believes in the Loch Ness Monster.
Alternatively, these may be sly red herrings specifically
designed to mislead or bamboozle!

Discover the truth for yourself by solving Panama’s Puzzle!